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Looking to buy some stunning Thai silk,  but want to be sure that the silk you are buying is fair trade, supporting its local Thai community through social enterprise and championing community empowerment? Then you’ve come to the right place! The production of Thai silk is an ancient craft and one that, until recent times, was not a skill subject to international trade or export. This is because production of the silk was limited and small scale: made by village women between their other household chores or work in the field. These women spun, dyed and wove the fabric at home and by hand: a true cottage industry. Chivalrysilk is planning to change all of this though. The company plans to work with and distribute revenue to over 50,000 people working in the silk industry in the Northern part of Thailand this year. Many of those people who will benefit from working with the company are women and the elderly who might not otherwise find such a lucrative form of income.



Community support

The Thai silk industry has provided work for women in rural areas of Thailand for hundreds of years. However in recent years traditional silk manufacturing has been unable to compete with the cheaper industrialized silk industry. This has forced rural silk making artisans to leave their Northern Thai villages and move to the larger towns and cities to seek work. In modern times it is common for traditional weavers to abandon their craft to move to bigger cities in able to support themselves and their families back home: if this pattern had continued, the heritage of rural silk weaving would have been lost forever. With community support though, ChivalrySilk is allowing Thai citizens to have decent and lucrative skilled work from within their own community.


Social Enterprise

Ultimately, when you buy a piece of silk from Chivalrysilk, not only are you getting an exquisite and beautiful piece of fabric, you are also doing something for the greater good. The company is a social enterprise and gives back to the community that makes the silk you will wear, work with, and appreciate.